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Finished Writing
Allowing for the observation that no writing is ever finished, these bits and pieces have found their way or are still finding their way into various publications. There is a fair bit to put up so if there is a piece that you were particularly after let me know. The versions I put up here are pre-publication, working paper versions. They will be added in no particular order. I have other bits of writing I've calledscribblesthat might be of interest.

If you are interested in the various bibs and bobs that have been published, the collection onGoogle scholarcaptures most of them.

Rowan, L., Bigum, C., & Larkin, K. (2016). Reassembling the first year experience of university.
This is the February version of EdExEd Working Paper #6. Download.

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Bigum C. (2014) Theory games: from monstrous puppetry to productive stupidity, annotated slides for a paper in the Towards a Posthumanist Sociology of Education: Experiments in Emergent Worldly Configurations Symposium, AARE-NZARE 2014 Conference, Brisbane, 30 Nov - 4 Dec. Slides available here. Will become Working Paper #5.

Bigum C. (2014). May the source be with you: fumbling towards artificial academies, an over extended abstract for the Academic Work in a Digital Era Symposium, University of Canberra, November 27th. This is the November version of EdExEd Working Paper #4. Download.

Bigum, C, Rowan, L, Wright, S, Hamilton, M, and Haxell, A. (2014). Looking for black cats and lessons from Charlie: exploring the potential of public click pedagogy. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Networked Learning, Edinburgh. This is the February 2014 version of EdExEd Working Paper (2) download. The published version of the paper is here.

Bigum C. (2014). Thinking beyond massive, open and online programmed instruction. This is the June 2014 version of Working Paper (3). download

Bigum, C and Rowan, L. (2013). Ladders, Learning and Lessons from Charlie: exploring the potential of public click pedagogy. Working Paper (2). A paper submitted as part of an actor-network theory double symposium organised by Steve Wright for the 9th International Networked Learning Conference 2014. Abstract download

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Rowan, L., & Bigum, C. (2010). Fronteras/avanzadas/lo que se mueve en los m�rgenes/lo que se mueve en los l�mites, exponenciales y educaci�n: extendiendo la universidad, haciendo escuela de forma diferente. Tendencias Pedag�gicas(16), 31-44. The paper, Edges, exponentials & education: extending the university, doing school differently was written in English and was translated into Spanish by the good folk at the journal. Download

Rowan, L., & Bigum, C. (2010). At the Hub of it All: Knowledge Producing Schools as Sites for Educational and Social Innovation. In D. Clandfield & G. Martell (Eds.), The School as Community Hub: Beyond Education's Iron Cage (pp. 185-203). Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Download

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